Mvo hoort thuis in HR

Why sustainability should be embedded in HR

Employees increasingly prefer to work for organizations that reflect their values. Millennials want to build careers with organizations that are making a positive difference. Mid-to-late career professionals, on the other hand, may contemplate leaving their organizations to fulfill a desire to contribute to the greater good.

Hoe kan/moet de rol van HR dan evolueren om talent aan te trekken en te behouden?

Coro Strandberg laat er in deze post op Sustainable Brands haar licht op schijnen.

Haar conclusie willen we alvast niet onthouden:

"A value-added HR professional will support the organization to anticipate and manage these profound labour market and societal shifts to foster business and social success. HR managers must find ways to bring CSR and sustainability into scope when sourcing and optimizing talent. This helps achieve organizational outcomes to realize CSR’s power as a top driver of employee engagement and retention."



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